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Originally Posted by nightoftheroundtable
that looks pretty good do you plan on getting this one finished.
Thanks night - I'll post with updates as I make progress --- I'll likely use this thread as a live update until the modeling is more or less complete.

Originally Posted by captainj2410
So, Dennis, how much are you going to charge for these models we're asking for? You could make a good bit of side income at this rate!
Heh - wish I had time to fulfill the requests. At the rate of stuff I have piled up to get to, I'd have to charge an exorbitant amount of money; it would likely not be worth anyone's while to purchase versus what you could buy at turbosquid .

If you're interested in doing character design, the tutorial here can be a lifesaver: . It's for 3DS, but adapts quite well to AC3D.

There seem to be two popular methods of character creation (for heads, at least) --- the edge extrusion technique, and the solid object extrusion technique. I'm personally a fan of the edge extrusion technique, although I've personally seen that more people tend to favor the solid object extrusion technique. Basically, the edge extrusion starts with a simple rectangle, and you extrude edges to form the object. Solid object extrusion starts with a block object, and you divide/extrude the faces you need to create your shape.

In both techniques, you really need reference drawings/photos for best results (see the "2. Modeling of the head" section in the link I posted). I would likely have a difficult, if not impossible, time of modeling a worthwhile head without a good reference drawing.

Also, LiveWire posted a good example of body creation in AC3D:

Now, if modeling a human form is not your cup of tea, i.e., you're more inclined to model the surrounding environment, vehicles, etc., there are models you can purchase individually at . Not very custom, of course... but you could purchase a model that comes close to what you want and tweak it yourself.

Also, newer versions of Poser (v5 I believe, v6 for sure) have a fairly nice face creation studio; this purchase would be worthwhile if you needed a lot of different characters and did not have the desire to create each one. It's rather expensive (compared to AC3D), but may end up being cheaper in the long run than buying individual models if you end up needing a lot of them...

Hope that helps.

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