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Originally Posted by nightoftheroundtable
well I have not gotten into character designs yet. I am sorry if this is off topic but I was wondering dennis if you wouldn't mind looking at some of my work with vehicles, or transport units.
this is of my latest work. so far on my mini shuttle I have added nacelle pylons. also some Impulse engines to go with the star trek theme.

I was wondering what you thought of it.
Sure --- I think you have some very good, solid modeling skills when it comes to ships, and you have very original designs. I'm not an expert on ship designs, of course , but what I see looks great. From the wireframes I can remember seeing, you also seem to strike a good balance between polygon count and subdivision levels --- most people getting ramped up on subdivision modeling, myself included, tend to create more polygons than they really need to get the desired shapes.

I'd love to see you focus on materials and lighting --- given good materials and lighting, you could have some absolutely fantastic renders with the base models you create.

That being said, I envy folks that are good with lighting, as I'm not great with it myself (that's part of what I hope to accomplish with my latest project, getting more experience with materials and lighting). Like many folks, I tend to focus on modeling more than mats & lights --- I'm on the path to correcting that with practise. Here are the only two rendered projects to date that I've created and have been somewhat happy with: --- both came out a bit dark, and I'd love to revisit the lighting on each of these (not just for darkness, but for placement, color, intensity, falloff, etc).
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