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thank you for that dennis. I do try to create some low polys when it comes to making models. and to tell you the thruth this latest project is has no subdivision to it. also for right now I am not to worry about lighting or materials. which I should be. but for right now my main focus is trying to complete the mini shuttle.

so far heres what I have accomplished.
1. I have finished the nacelle pylons which you see are attached to the small wings.
2. I have finished the impulse engines, to give it a star trek theme.
3 right now I am working on putting a rear hatch to the shuttle to make it look more realistic.
But the hatch is proving to be most difficult as it is not very symetrical in the back. but I have already found and fixed the problem.

Also on another note you said my models are orginal. I try my best to make all my models unqie. I really love and I am addicted to ac3d 6.0. so far I have discovered 36 new methods to making and manipulating my models to get certian specife results.
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