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Originally Posted by nightoftheroundtable View Post
if you have bryce it automatically makes shadows for you.
Having shadows is not a poblem in most cases.
But the HDR image is wrapped around a sphere (a kind of sky box).
To have a shadow under the car (or anything else) you have to have a plan (a surface) under that object, on which the shadow will appear.

The "problem" in my scene is that if I put a plan under the car it will be visible, mixed with the HDR image ... there's a lot of workarounds for that, more or less good, more or less complex. And i've been a bit lazy. Rendering for one day long is enough.

The best thing I could have done is to create a texture that looks like the pavements of the street, then apply it to a plan under the car. This would have been perfect.

well lets hope this isn't the end. cause maybe you can make cars this time.
Why "maybe" ?

You did a fantastic job ... xcellent renders and mats !!!
Thanks Antonioooooo
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