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Originally Posted by luuckyy View Post
Having shadows is not a poblem in most cases.
But the HDR image is wrapped around a sphere (a kind of sky box).
To have a shadow under the car (or anything else) you have to have a plan (a surface) under that object, on which the shadow will appear.

The "problem" in my scene is that if I put a plan under the car it will be visible, mixed with the HDR image ... there's a lot of workarounds for that, more or less good, more or less complex. And i've been a bit lazy. Rendering for one day long is enough.

The best thing I could have done is to create a texture that looks like the pavements of the street, then apply it to a plan under the car. This would have been perfect.
Rather than a plane I believe you could have a big, but thin, transparent box under the car, and by setting its interior and media to something "proper" have it reflect shadows but not showing the object itself.

Otherwise it is clearly a missing functionality in PovRay,.
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