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Default Re: Avenger Class Starship

Is that okay, or does it need to be more obviously contoured?

I changed that, too. Luckily the parts that were messed up by the move I had to make aren't visible when the entire model is visible. All I know is that the domes house some sort of crystal, like the ones in the ships in the mid to late 23rd century. That is what they covered, right?

Also, you're correct in understanding that I didn't boolean that. I've had bad experiences with boolean. I took a cylinder, reshaped it, and knifed the surfaces from the front. Then I extruded the surfaces aftward. As a side note, not all of the surfaces get knifed properly. If it isn't a single surface knifing another surface, it doesn't divide. You have to slice the surface manually with the vertices created by the knifing.
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