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Default Re: Reworking the tank

Originally Posted by luuckyy View Post
If you don't mind, please could you share the way you're UV mapping such a model with such an amount of polygons ?
It usually takes me a LOT of time to UV map 3D models, in order to have them textured the best way ... (needless to say that it is boring most of the time).
How did you proceed with this one ?
I guess you've UV mapped all the important surfaces (the most visible ones) and maybe collapsed the others onto a single color point of the texture / material ... ?
How many textures (or textures maps) do you use for this model ?
I have used 15 pcs 512x512 and 2 pcs 1024x1024. The 1024 pcs are on the main body to get a bit more detail. And the main objects are uv mapped yes.

Like the main body are maped four ways. its top, side and front and back. This is done in the TCE. Also the armor plates are individual objects so I can if I like, add more details/texture.

Now, I havent done any mapping on most of the smaller details.Like the whinch. Its just the default mapping and because the original shape is modified you get a variation in the mapping. I didnt need to alter that because of the distance to the camera when rendering is to far to see the difference.

This is mapped with the uv mapper plugin. I have used it on many of the details because it gives a nice resoult. This is mapped cylindrical first, and then modified in the TCE on the top and bottom. Just select the surfaces you want to mod and then set the mapping you want. I used the remap and top on the top and bottom armor in the TCE on this. Just ask if something is unclear .

I'm no guru on this,but its how I do it.
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