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Default Re: Diablo revisited

Thanks headerko. The texture coordinate editor or tce for short is a good place to start. The tce in Ac3d is very easy to work with actually. I think its very versatile, and its almost difficult to get a bad end resoult, but you have to understand how it works. I used the try and fail method to understand how it worked and it didnt take long to understand. Just start with a cube and a square texture around 512x512 pixels, and test out all the different options inside the tce to see what the different things do. You can select the whole cube or just one surface and check out the differences. I used for the Diablo model 8 textures 1024x1024 and 1 texture 3296x3296. But those 9 textures have a total of 30 different textures. The big texture is for the body to get some more details. But when working with multiple textures in Ac3d I usually resize all textures to 512x512 to save memory. Ac3d gets a bit slugish when you load many and big textures to work with. This I think goes for all modeling programs.
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