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Default Re: Diablo revisited

Originally Posted by tbd View Post
I dont know why it is like that, it just is
I happen to know the answer to that one. It's because AC3D is using hardware z-buffering. If the transparent object is drawn first, then it will already be written into the z-buffer as the "nearest" object, so the video card won't draw what's behind it at all. If the other object is already drawn though, the transparent object will get drawn on top because its nearer the screen than the object that's already in the z-buffer. The only fix for that is to sort transparent objects before sending them to the video card... which changing the order in the hierarchy does.


Oh, btw, saw the boots and helmet in your other thread. Not bad! I like the helmet. I think the boots need more of an instep/side arch though, they're too symmetrical.
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