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Default Re: Sword of Omens for 3D Printer WIP

Oh yes, much happier with it now that I sat down and redid the grip and pomel.

Gotta admit that I'm constantly fighting my "less is more" instinct when it comes to just throwing more polygons at it, to the point I have to keep reminding myself that this is going to be printed, more is more and I can never have too many polygons. More polygons = smoother print.

Extra good news once the printer gets in though. A better solvent for PLA plastic (what my printer will use) has been found. ABS plastic will dissolve in acetone (fingernail polish remover), which is cheap and easy to get. Makes it easy to set up an acetone vapor bath to smooth prints out. The only real answer for doing the same in PLA was some fairly expensive and toxic stuff. A recently found alternative is MEK/MEK Substitute, which can be bought at any major hardware store as a paint thinner.

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