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It would be very useful to have the equivalent of Max's quickslice function - you select an object, select QUICKSLICE, and then you can click and drag a line across the mesh and when you release (or second click) the mesh is cut across this line. Note that the line ends are snapped to the grid when placed, which is very important - without gridsnap this tool is messy.

In Max it will only slice selected polygons, which is immensely handy for subdividing a mesh quickly. A simliar function in AC3D would be great. I find the knife plugin a little clumsy to use, because you have to create a knife object to cut with, whereas all I really want to do is slice a poly or mesh across an arbitrary plane.

Second addition - it would be very useful if the SMOOTH and FLAT buttons self-selected when you select a polygon, dep. upon what that poly is set to, so you can visually see what the state of the poly is. I use as an example Max's smoothing group selector - click on a poly and if it has a smoothing group then that numbered button will be selected, so you can instantly see what group it belongs to. If you select more than one poly of the same group, the button remains selected. Select more than one poly of differing groups and more group buttons are selected - a very handy visual addition.

Actually, it would be very nice to have multiple smoothing groups in AC3D, rather than just FLAT or SMOOTH. Then you can also add a SELECT-BY-SMOOTHING-GROUP function.
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