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Default Re: Importing Blender files into AC3D

Sorry, but it doesn't. I've been building X-Plane models for over 10 years and optimizing vertices doesn't work to return the file to it's original configuration. Using the steps I outlined does, at least with Blender 2.49 (haven't tried it with the latest version) with Xplane2Blender script in place:

Export the blender object directly into AC3D as an .ac file. This creates an exact duplicate, sans any animations. Last night I moved over 30 objects this way in less than 15 minutes.
Export the blender object in to X-Plane as an X-Plane object if they haven't already been created for the model.
Import the X-Plane objects into AC3D. This gives you all the animations which can then be merged into the .ac file. I did this step this morning in less than 10 minutes and now am in the purpose of "stitching" everything together.
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