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Thanks for the help. I'm still confused as to how I would retrieve the actual angles needed to perform this function. I need to know them so that I can test whether or not the object is actually viewable from my present position and orientation.

For example, suppose that you're watching an airplane as it flies overhead (well, hopefully overhead). However, you cannot turn your body or change the direction you are facing. All you can do is change the orientation of your head. Unless you're an owl, there's only so far that you can turn your head so that you can continue to watch the plane. After that, it simply disappears out of your view as it flies past your position.

The plane is the point in 3D space that I'm wanting to watch, so I know that direction vector. I also know the direction vector that I'm facing. What I need to determine are the angles (yaw and pitch) that are needed in order to actually look at the plane. If these angles exceed my head's maximum turning angles, then I cannot look at the plane.

Thanks again for the help.
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