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Hi all

Ok, it took longer than I had expected, but that's mainly due to licensing questions. I am more familar with the GPL than with the LGPL (which is used in lib3ds).

But now I think I have this plugin mostly completed.
What it does (compared to ac3ds default .3ds code):
- mesh instancing. If a model contains a single mesh more than once, they are all displayed.
- matrices - every instance of the mesh can contain its own matrix. Usually thats the identity matrix, but if it isn't it is used.
- as a side effect the hierarchy of the meshes/objects is preserved

What is missing:
- One mesh must contain one texture only. That might get fixed later, but I don't have/use such models anyway, so it isn't urgent for me. ac3d's default code does this, so I consider it a limitation
- Texture matrices are not honored. Every mesh can contain texture matrices that influence the texture coordinates, but they are not yet used. ac3d doesn't do this either.
- There are a couple of values in the .3ds file that are loaded by lib3ds that I don't know of how to use. Dunno whether they might be important.

You can download the plugin at

-> just copy the .p file into your plugin/ directory. An exporter is planned, but a bit more difficult (the importer was only a couple of hours of work after all)

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