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Default Re: 737-500 for x-plane...some random previews :P

If you can do that kind of detailed job on the exterior, you have all the skills you need to do the cockpit (and the passenger area, too, if you plan to allow people to virtually ride in your jetliner).

The modeling concepts are the same, except you might not have neat and tidy schematics as visual guides in the viewports.

You likely will have decent photography to assist you, however, and anything approximating a pilot's guide will pay off handsomely. Consoles and structures are derived from boxes. Gauges and displays are derived from disks and rectangles. Knobs are derived from spheres. Levers and squared handles also come from boxes. Irregular shapes and unique panels are extruded polygons (which, with a little guile, you can "trace" to form the shape). You just have to "eyeball" things and use some "visual geometry" to size them up in comparison to other objects around them. Also many objects, like banks of buttons, toggle switches, etc., are simply created once then "replicated" or copy-and-pasted into position.
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