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Default Nice!!!

Nice teaser.... some suggestions

1) Where are the bones and other icons to do animation???

2) Also I suggest that the "Recent models" menu in "File" be located under the "Open" menu. It will be much more convenient.

3) Finally I noticed that in version 5.0.21 the main grid separators that divide the screen in four quadrant and next subdivision disapear when I layout an item (object, vertex or surface) or when I want to move it... I wish subdivisions stay visible....

4) A menu dedicated for textures. And to be able to remove (unload) texture that we decide to not use...

5) For those with multiple monitor, that the extra view open automatically on the other dsplay each time we open a new AC3D session.

6) Angles (teta, phi or elevation of the camera) and FOV values displayed for the 3D view... to have a reference of the view we look at... Important when we want to take specific snapshot of our models.

Thanks Andy

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