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I just know I am missing something.....but....
I am using AC3D to build objects for X-plane flight simulator. I have a tool in AC3D that is called 'Create Animation Group'
Now I believe that this tool may be a plugin that is used only for X-Plane modeling.

It does it's job and allows the builder to animated single or multiple parts of the 3D objects. IT is not perfect but after you get the hang of programming the animations they do look pretty good. As with most animations these read information from the host program, when the host program is running , to sync the animations. There was also a tool included that would preview the animations without running X-Plane. I am almost ready to post an aircraft at the site that has multiple animations using these tools.

For Creating X-Plane 3D objects AC3D's main competition is Blender. Blender is an open source 3D modeler that includes a full compliment of animation controls. The biggest issue with Blender is it's rather unique user interface. I have dabble with that program but I do like AC3D's simpler user interface.

I believe that if animation tools were included in AC3D users would learn to use them and like most features some people would only use a few of the tools. But is is always nice to have the choice to use the tools.

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