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Default Re: Brown Leather Boot

Looking good. Do you have a wire without texture to share as well?
I could make one, but since these are preset sculpty shapes, I am working with severe vertex limitations that make my edge-flow less than nominal. I doubt you'd find the wire attractive or even informative.

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Looks very realistic! have you got a pic in Second Life?
Not of that specific iteration. I will post it up here when I do, however.

But here are some pics from AC3D/SL of some other items from the "set".

(Some items shown in the SL shot were already sculpted in AC3D and were re-used, so they don't show in the wire shot, since they didn't need to be re-made)

Previous iteration of boots:

Modeling: AC3D
Textures: Photoshop CS4 / 3DSMax
Shown here: Second Life
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