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Default Re: Brown Leather Boot

Originally Posted by virtualalias View Post
I could make one, but since these are preset sculpty shapes, I am working with severe vertex limitations that make my edge-flow less than nominal. I doubt you'd find the wire attractive or even informative.

Not of that specific iteration. I will post it up here when I do, however.

But here are some pics from AC3D/SL of some other items from the "set".

(Some items shown in the SL shot were already sculpted in AC3D and were re-used, so they don't show in the wire shot, since they didn't need to be re-made)

Previous iteration of boots:

Modeling: AC3D
Textures: Photoshop CS4 / 3DSMax
Shown here: Second Life
Wow, Not sure what your poly count is on that character, but it appears to be fairly low poly. For low poly that looks amazing and the boots look great too!
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