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Default Re: plane sculpt type script fpr sculpted prims

I'll try this now. I am just not sure I am using the TCE right then. I select the faces and scale it to stretch inside the black box in the TCE then i just close the TCE and do nothing else.

Next I go to object, commit subdivisions and export as sculpted prim type but even if I don't use the TCE the map always looks the same. Is there something that's supposed to be clicked in the TCE after scaling it? Even if I don't use the commit subs option and just export with the TCE open, after I rescaled the area I want more detail from the map looks the same as if I didn't even bother doing that. This is my curse. I don't understand what's going on there.

I am sorry I post a lot of questions and ask you so much. These are also things people I work with that use AC3D are trying to figure out as well. I think this tool is the right route, I just am trying to get all the details clear.
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