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Default Re: plane sculpt type script fpr sculpted prims

Thanks for those posts. Yeah my TCE looks the same. Just when I do a face being that it's the front view port it's appearing off to the lower right side so it's hard to stretch it out to achieve more details. Unless mapping it first then bringing it back in to be stretched out in the TCE is the proper method?

These are the steps I'm doing, maybe this is wrong:

1. Uvmap button. I assume if I started with a sphere as a head, I would check Shape Mapping as Spherical? I'm unsure about any of the other settings in that menu.

2. I hit Export UVMap

3. I just put a basic texture on in Photoshop at this point. I can't seem to get the Bake option to do anything like say opening the OBJ in Zbrush and backing the texture in there then fixing it up in photoshop.. If this Bake option in AC3D is actually able to do that too, I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

4. I import that Texture back in (Object>texture load texture)

5. I then shift the verticles around inside the TCE so I can get the main details as big as possible on the map to achieve better detail in Second Life.

That's basically what I am doing. I'm not sure if I am doing this right or how to get the bake option to work right. If I have to place lights first, I'm unsure how to. I know how in Maya but I've been away from this type of thing for awhile, so I don't remember the proper steps and as for in AC3D, I am totally clueless how to get the Bake option/button, to do anything.

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