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Default Re: plane sculpt type script fpr sculpted prims

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
Here it is again with the texture applied.

Again, I started with a simple divided plane. I scalloped the edges--which I replicated with the replicator tool--and then mapped the whole thing while it was still flat. You'll notice in the UV map, that even though the scalloped edges are round in the model, they are pulled into a perfect square in the map so there are no gaps. After I mapped it, I draped the tablecloth and then committed my subdivisions.
I also has this to add, where are those weird "cap" pieces that always seem to show in my maps? Maybe since I use the box a lot that's why I see them. It's repeating it in the TCE on some of my stuff which is making it hard to really understand what is going on there.
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