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Default Re: plane sculpt type script fpr sculpted prims

1. UV map button... the options in there determine the mapping mode. Imagine a big rubber sheet in the shape of whatever option you picked shrink-wrapping your model. Spherical is an okay choice for a head, cylindrical around the y axis is often better.

2. Make any adjustments to the uvs coordinates before you export.

3. Sorry for any confusion on the baker. To clarify... the AC3D texture baker is more akin to Lightwave than ZBrush or Maya, in that it will bake one texture to another. (ZBrush actually bakes vertex colors\material shaders to the map. Maya bakes lights.) It's not meant for lighting so much as transfering textures between different sets of texture coordinates. MegaPOV is a good choice for baking lights.

Can you post a picture to explain what you mean by "caps" ?

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