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Default My First Axe needs help

Hi everyone, just bought AC3D and really enjoying it so far. I'm somewhat new to 3D modelling and I have been working on this model of an Axe for a bit and was looking for some advice on what method I could use to join the blade with the handle, or actually what I guess is the poll or butt of the Axe and the eye that the handle fits into. Anyway, any suggestions at all about this model would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Default Re: My First Axe needs help

Before answering your question, you may not really need to join the two in one mesh. You could simply select the vertices at the edge of the axe blade and just move them until they "go inside" the blade ring. It might look just fine.

But, if you're a stickler for tight, compact meshes, good for you! To neatly join the axe blade to the metal cylinder...

1) First, in Surface Select mode, grab the two innermost surfaces on the blade facing the ring, and delete them. You won't be needing them.

2) Then, go to Vertice Select mode. Select, in counterclockwise order, the vertices that describe any of the four faces you need to describe to close in the space you have there. After selecting any group of vertices, use the Vertex > Create Ordered Surface (or Ctrl+Shift+S) to create a new surface. Do this for the two sides, the top and the bottom.

3) As you created those surfaces, you likely got dialogs telling you they were from two different objects. To fix that, in Object Select mode, select both and then Merge Objects With Object > Merge (or Ctrl + Shift + M). You could also do that before you do step two, and save yourself the annoyance.

4) As for the axe handle, you can do it a couple of ways. You can simply create a totally new cylinder and shape it to be the entire handle, and position it so it goes through the metal blade ring. Of course, you'd have to take care that both the metal blade ring and the handle have the same number of surfaces around the circumference, so that it looks flush.
Or, as perhaps a neater, more tidy option, you can select the topmost surface of the ring and in Surface Select Mode, extrude it upwards and flare it out for the top of the handle. Conversely, for the bottom, you can select the bottom-most surface of the metal ring, extrude it downward, reshape; and then, select all the surfaces of the axe handle and do a Surface > Cut Away Object (Ctrl+Shift+X) to make a separate object out of the handle (rename it to haft or handle, or whatever)
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Default Re: My First Axe needs help

Thanks Stiglr, I appreciate those tips, I was actually wondering about creating ordered surfaces as well. I should probably finish reading the manual first, I'm just now to the section on Model Manipulation, I was just so excited about using the software I got ahead of myself. A thousand thanks for your help!!! :-D
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