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Default Need to set the 'center offset' of a sculpty

Sculpties in Second Life:

I use other tools to do this, but I'd like to use just my AC3D to accomplish it.

When building sculpties that have to be rotated, one uses llSetRot(<quaternion>);

The rotation then centers around the scupty's spheric or whatever, center.

This is very! limiting, as most shapes that need to be rotated, are offcenter ones... legs, arms, augmented suspensions, landing gear, etc.

HOW can I change the offset location of the center of rotation of a sculpty. So far, I use in-world tools to make the sculpties that need to be center offset, but I'd like to use AC3D.

A solution will NOT be, to attach an extra prim at the center of rotation required, as the root, and then to rotate that... in vehicles and robots, all prims are attached to each other.
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center of rotation, sculpties, second life

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