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Default Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Hi all!

I am trying the program on a trial basis and have a few questions before I decide whether to buy it or not. It seems to do everything I will need, but there are just a few things I need to still know. I read through the manual and searched this forum but I still don't know if it does some things.

But first I would like to say I am new to 3D modelling and think you've done a really nice job with this program, it's very user friendly compared to others I am also looking at. Some of those are like a different language.

So let me start with this; I am making a model of a product. It needs to be very accurate, so I am doing it stick by stick and making a wireframe model. So my questions (for now) are these:

1-I cannot seem to get out of wireframe mode. It is DeSelected in the 3D menu, but all I see are my wireframe lines. Is it the Sculpty Extrude option?

2-This is most important: How can I tell it which points should make a surface? If I select all and choose "Sculpty Extrude" in the Surface menu it makes connections or associations I want to change. How do I tell it "No! These 4 vertices are to be connected."

3-And finally, is there a way to add Subdivisions without the model getting all rounded?

Again, thanks for the help, I would really like to buy this program.


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