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Default Re: Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Thanks again Lisa, and ya, I had hit that 'd' button. I use 'Alt Z' to delete a lot and must have struck it in my madness....hehe.
Originally Posted by lisa View Post
- I draw a polyline using the polyline tool
- I subdivide the polyline to 3 division levels using Object > Subdivide +
Now this is what I did, and now with the subdivision back on it works right, but no matter what I do, I can't get it to fill in only to the curved line.
I even tried the Poly and Polyline buttons and it didn't help.

I have to admit, I'm not sure what the purpose is of the rest of the steps...are they required everytime I want to make a 2D curve?

So to recap, to make my little Ice Cream Cone, I do the above and get it nice and rounded. I can even get it to look ideal in all views.
Then I add the bottom part, the V.
I select it all and add a surface to it, but no matter how I do that, it's always a point at the top.

I cannot see another level or part, it looks like a cone in wireframe, but when it fills in it looks just like the screenshot I posted earlier.

Any idea how I can make my little cone?

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