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Default Motherboard problems new data

The display problem was not caused by the video card, nor did it have anything to do with the new motherboard or updated video drivers. It turns out it was a bad memory stick.
Removing one memory stick (The bad one) and leaving only one in solved the problem. Right away things became normal. Now AC3D functions fully, with no problems of any kind, and that with only 256 mb of memory and the motherboards onboard video, no video card whatsoever. I was able to work within AC3D just as before. I have no idea how the memory was damaged, as I use a ground strap at all times while the case is open.
I discovered the problem on a tip from a tech advisor on the web, I described the problems and he said it sounds like memory failure. He was right.
Since that time I have received a new nVIDIA video card (With drivers) and I shall install it tomorrow and see what happens. After that I will order a new memory stick to replace the faulty one.
Just thought I would let everyone know.
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