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Default Spare Military Vehicles for Junkheap City?

Could any and everyone who wouldn't mind, send me links through my email (or Yousendit.com, or whatever easy method is used these days) of simple military vehicles both antique and modern?

I am a comics-artist who paints his panels/scenes and I am trying to make a colossal boneyard of war machines, past and present, (think Tiphares' dumpheap from Battle Angel Alita) which have been stacked, fused, sculpted into towers, forms, arches, etc by a race of mechanoid giants in the past and are now inhabited by the unfortunate humanoids who must live on this world. Because the structures in the painted scenes will be seen from all kinds of POVs, and due to the profusion and variety of vehicles needed, I need a skinless, polygon-simple, save-able, walkthrough-able file to get the perspective on these panels perfect (particularly the dwarfing effect when the humans look up to see this bizarre architectural style towering on all sides (military baroque? postwar Brutalism?) from their puny POVs on the ground or from the decks of ships, tank platforms, etc.
Since the amount of work in oil-painting these panels is already a Sysiphusian task, a saved file of the whole environment that I could just assemble once and use over and over again from different angles (not to mention some degree of consistency in the sense of place) would cut a huge amount of unnecessary work out of the project.

There is another story of mine which involves a similar concept but with antique cars in heaps. Junkpile architecture is a leifmotif of mine.

I know vehicles are very popular subjects for modelers and I am sure there are many files of historical vehicles [I don't want/need anyone's original vehicle concepts (I have lots of my own)] floating around in cyberspace or lying in the basements of peoples' hard drives.
I would only want textureless, very simplified polygon versions of these machines as long as their general lines are correct (A Stug III vs a Sherman vs a modern Leopard tank): no rivets, individual tank-treads, etc, even windows are unnecessary. Polygon versions with clear lines/reference points are better for overdrawing/painting than smoothly curved, overly finished versions anyway.

I have been to commercial sites with vehicle-files for sale but they are all fully rendered (and expensive when you start adding them up). There is also the final file-size I must consider when I put this model together from dozens and dozens of junk machines.
I need the virtual equivalent of one of those big bags of cheap, green, plastic soldiers/tanks/helicopters,etc. we could buy at the store for $2 that I could melt/glue together into composite structures, and all I am finding are the pricey tabletop collectors editions of cars, tanks, ships etc.

Would anyone be kind enough to send me their mechanical polygon-junk (early versions,etc) or direct me to some website that fills this need (there must be other people who need great amounts of simple, differentiated vehicles to furnish environments, blow up, have Godzilla stomp, etc.). Any and all vehicles are welcome (I use parts from anything) trains, cars, ships, howitzers, generator, tanks, aircraft, as well as engines, industrial components (pipes, gack, etc) I would be very, very, very grateful as part of the (hoped for) appeal of the final environment is the sheer motley-mess variety of vehicles. Building even simplified versions of all of these primary components for the alien structures would take forever even before getting to the real work on the story, character development, paintings, etc.

If anyone can spare a machine or two please send links/attachments to my workhorse email:


or send me the link to that Shangri-La of Junk website planet that might be floating out there in cyberspace.

Many thanks,
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historical vehicles, links, spare parts, stock models

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