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Default AC3D 5.0.21

We are pleased to announce the release of AC3D 5.0.21 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

This fixes a number of problems and we recommend you move to this version.

A list of fixes and changes follows (in no particular order):
  • fixed - bug in rendering emissive material (green component was using blue value)
    fixed - MAC corrected badly spaced surface and vertex buttons in TCE.
    fixed - Help->Manual now compatible with non Microsoft web browsers.
    fixed - added some prototypes for exports that were wrong or missing
    fixed - command_entity_get_value_as_string now knows about rgb resources
    fixed - updated savepng plugin for spin animation
    changed - added quotes around command descriptions in the 'ac3d list' internal command
    fixed - hang in Object->Mirror when groups were used
    changed - Object->Mirror now works with groups and multiple objects as a total source for the mirror
    fixed - focus problem on Mac - added force focus option (advanced setting)
    changed - precision of numbers displayed in info box (top of control panel) can now be altered (File->settings->advanced-info-decimal-places)
    fixed - bug in 3DS exporter. With many objects, the auto-rename of the objects was failing, so some obejcts did not get included in the file.
    changed - max length of 3DS exported object names is now 10, was 8.
    fixed - ASE export plugin - normal index problem fixed
    added - code to remove a selection-changed callback.
    fixed - duplicate materials were created when loading files containing materials already in the palette.
    added - material names can be edited if the advanced setting "Enable material name editing" is on.
    changed - the Exit dialog is now the standard yes/no/cancel.
    fixed - xor bug which caused xoring to fail in 3d window when drawing surfaces in orth.
    added - some extra internal material template functions.
    fixed - Mac save dialog was displaying full path in filename box, rather than just the filename.
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