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Default AC3D 5.0 for Mac OS X OUT NOW!

We are pleased to announce the release of AC3D version 5.0 - now available for the first time on the Mac.

The minor problems outlined here are attributed to the current Mac OS X version of Tcl/Tk which AC3D uses for its user-interface. More info on Tcl/Tk is available from www.scriptics.com. We will continue to work with Tcl/Tk and fix these problems.

IMPORTANT - Dialog buttons sometimes don’t refresh, - Solution: they are actually there and can be clicked on. This only affects native buttons, normal tcl/tk button are unaffected.

The keyboard focus gets lost sometimes. This seems to happen after a dialog window appears and then is destroyed. Event warning messages may appear in the system console window. Solution is to click outside AC3D e.g. on the Desktop, and then back into AC3D.

The message area and progress bar at the bottom of the AC3D window does not update when AC3D is involved in some function. This includes browsing through menus, when the function description should be displayed in the message bar.

Tool-tips that popup above buttons when the mouse pointer rests over them, take the keyboard focus, they shouldn’t. Possible solution is to switch the “balloon help” off from File->settings.

New views from menu Views->new-view need resizing in order to refresh the window.

When saving files, the file extension e.g. .ac is not automatically appended, The solution is to give the file the full name in the file dialog.

The ticks on the Spin and Walk items in the 3D menu (within a 3D view) do not switch correctly, although the mode does change when selected.

Moving scrollbars is very slow e.g. on the material palette at the bottom of the control panel.

Menu items Object->Mirror (-x, -y & -z) appear as separators.

There is no installer yet – AC3D distributed as a gzipped tar file.
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