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Default Re: Ac3d 6.1 Out Now

Steven - for your key, contact us via www.ac3d.org and give us your full name and email, (and another info that may help us look up the transaction)
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Default Re: AC3D 6.1 Out Now

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
AC3D 6.1 OUT NOW for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

New Booleans - A 'Hole' New World

6.1 may sound like a minor release, but wait until you see what's in it! We've been busy putting the finishing touches to the new version, and are pleased to announce that AC3D 6.1 is out now and available to download today.

This release sees a big step forward with the incorporation of Boolean operations into AC3D's toolkit, making it easy to join, subtract and intersect any two objects. Think of it as having your own virtual workbench, where you can use any AC3D object to drill, saw and cut - to tackle any job.

As you would expect from AC3D, it's quick and straightforward to do; simply select objects and choose from the new Boolean functions in the Object menu. Its uses are unlimited; think making doorways, windows, ailerons, engraving, holes in cheese? - we'll stop there, but hopefully you get the idea.

See the new section in the manual with illustrated examples of the new Boolean functions.

Other new features:

Terragen .ter Importer

You can now import Terragen terrains into AC3D. Terragen is free for non-commercial see: http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/

Download data for a bunch of real-world locations: http://www.terracreation.com/Terrains.htm

Terragen resource site, links to many sources of terrain data: http://www.terrasource.net/

More new Stuff
Surface->Flatten, drag and drop within the Hierarchy and more. For a detailed list see the installer/README.

Upgrade news
AC3D 6.1 is free if you purchased AC3D after May 2005. For pre-June 2005 license holders, please visit our upgrade center for a discounted upgrade.

For pre-June 2005 Site license holders - please contact us directly with your license details and we will get straight back to you with upgrade info.

Gift Options
Give them a gift this Christmas that won't end up in a corner by New Year's Day! By selecting our gift option via the purchase page, you can buy our latest version as a gift. (Select “Yes I would like to purchase for someone else…” on the “Is your shipping address different than your billing address, or is this a purchase for someone else” option, and the AC3D license will be made in the recipient’s name and sent directly to them).

Spanish manual
Many thanks to José Pascual Molina Massó and Arturo S. García Jiménez; a Spanish translation of the AC3D 6 manual is available to download from www.ac3d.org
Good morning Andy
I got and installed your newest Version of AC3D, trying now since two days to get the new .ter importer working - sorry with no success !
Perhaps I am missing some clues what to do to get my .ter files imported.
I was extra spending one hundred $ for the Terragen software and now I am hopeless lost,
thanks for your help, regards paul
p.s. AC3D is still my favoured 3D programm - congratulations!
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