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Default Double rows of vertices?

I'm new here and I just bought AC3D. I checked out various 3D applications and this was the one I could understand. The user interface is quite intuitive and the price is affordable. I'll be using it for X-Plane models.

On to the questions,
1) When I extrude surfaces I end up with white edges. I think it may be a double row of vertices. I'm a bit surprised that white lines persist since 3D rendering should be nothing but valid or invalid (missing) surfaces. The attached image shows my model with the white lines and these show even after I've converted this model to X-Plane *.obj and view it in the simulator. I've tried to snap vertices together by distance (in case I had a redundant row next to the other) but nothing happens to the white lines.

2) I have tried beveling but it doesn't effect what I want. I want to round off edges where perpendicular surfaces join but I get nothing but spikes or dips. Maybe "bevel" isn't what I want after all or maybe the tool settings are wrong?

3) My model is made up of 3 different ones that are put together, textured individually and then merged. I assume this approach will leave invisible surfaces / redundant vertices inside the finished model. Is there an easy way to delete surfaces that get buried into another object?

4) Related to the above, I've tried to cut segments off a model to in order to keep nothing but that which will show. I'm unable to use the "knife" though. I click "knife", "slice surfaces" and then I need to "set" knife. "Line" comes up and then "knife: knife cannot slice itself -- please deselect the knife". All right, I'm clueless; how do I perform the simple task of slicing an object in two and discard the part that I don't want to keep?

When this is finished there'll be a few more rounded surfaces and I believe the easiest way to build it will be by joining elements rather than sculpting it all in one go.

5) Probably very basic, when and why do I want to triangulate a model?

6) Equally basic, when two joining surfaces don't share vertices, how do I ensure that they will? I have added ordered surfaces perpendicular to an existing surface (adding top to the sides) and found that the top slides off to open a gash when I move a vertex. In other words, the surfaces don't share vertices at edges.

I'm attaching a screenshot as well as part of the model. The entire three part model exceeds the quota so I just picked one of the elements. It shows the white edges where surfaces join and these are the edges I want to become rounded (beveled?).
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