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Default Re: AC3D 7.2 Out Now!

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
You can put something like this in a .tcl file in the scripts folder:
acbind . <Control-w> "ac3d select_surfaces_connected"
Choose a control key combination and for that function use "ac3d snaptofirst" as the command.
I just tried to assign Control r by making a snaptofirst.tcl with the string

acbind . <Control-r> "ac3d snaptofirst"

This didn't work, probably since "control r" is taken. Provided the syntax is correct, could you please suggest a key that's available?
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Default Re: AC3D 7.2 Out Now!

Best guess

New...                                Ctrl+N
Open...                               Ctrl+O
Import...                             Ctrl+I
Save                                  Ctrl+S
Print...                              Ctrl+P
Undo                                  Ctrl+Z
Redo                                  Ctrl+Y
Cut                                   Ctrl+X
Copy                                  Ctrl+C
Paste                                 Ctrl+V
Duplicate                             Ctrl+D
Select All                            Ctrl+A
Select Nothing                        Ctrl+Shift+A
Select Loop                           l
Delete                                Delete 
Fit All                               Ctrl+Shift+F
Fit Selection                         Control+F
Look at Selection                     Ctrl+G
Optimize Vertices...                  Ctrl+Shift+V
Merge                                 Ctrl+Shift+M
Flip Normal                           Ctrl+Shift+N
Change Vertex Order                   Ctrl+Shift+O
Divide                                Ctrl+Shift+D
Combine                               c
Indent...                             i
Bevel...                              b
Make Hole                             Ctrl+Shift+H
Triangulate                           Ctrl+Shift+T
Cut Away Object                       Ctrl+Shift+X
Snap Together                         Ctrl+T
Insert Vertex                         Ctrl+Shift+I
Extrude Edges                         Ctrl+e
Slice Surface                         Ctrl+Shift+L
Create Ordered Surface                Ctrl+Shift+S
Create Quad                           Ctrl+r
Wireframe                             w
Texture                               t
Normals                               n
Grid                                  g
Subdivisions                          d
Wireframe                             w
Texture                               t
Normals                               n
Grid                                  g
Subdivisions                          d
Model Info...                         F6
Render...                             F7
Hierarchy View...                     F8
Object Property Editor...             F9
Texture Coordinate Editor...          F10
Replicator...                         F11
Create 2D/3D Text...                  F12
Select all                            Ctrl+A
Undo                                  Ctrl+Z
Redo                                  Ctrl+Shift+Z
Fit Selection                         f
Spin                                  1
Walk                                  2
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