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Old 8th February 2021, 04:23 PM   #11
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Default Re: AC3D 8.6 Out Now!

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
The file needs to be writable.

should do it.

I suspect you won't see a problem - it's probable that AC3D simply failed to open the OpenGL window because of the driver problem.
Okay Andy, got the debug file ac3d.txt switching back to older drivers,
hope this helps, Tom.
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Old 9th February 2021, 09:41 AM   #12
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Default Re: AC3D 8.6 Out Now!

Thanks Tom, this shows there's a problem opening the OpenGL window.

Well done for working out that it was the graphics drivers.
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Old 26th October 2021, 06:05 PM   #13
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Default Re: AC3D 8.6 Out Now!

There is a known problem with the preferences/settings file. If you ran 8.6 and then went back to 8.5, it won't start up properly. A solution is to delete the ac3dprefs8.txt file from you home folder. Could it be this?
Hi. I have been using AC3D for many years, but this is my first post.

I have 8.3.3. I encountered a problem, and tried 8.6.11 to see if it would resolve my problem. It didn't, so I tried reverting to 8.3.3, but it died on launch. I went back to 8.6.11, tried putting in my key, and it said it was successful and I should quit and restart the app. When I did, it said it was still in demo mode.

I searched the forums here, and found the above comment. I'm on a Mac, so I don't have an ac3dprefs8.txt, but I searched my home folder and deleted anything named .ac3d*.

This did not fix the problem. How should I proceed?

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