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Cool Blender functions I'd love to see in AC3D

There's a couple of nice tools in Blender I would love to see in maybe the next update of AC3D:

> Active knife tool
A tool that lets you actively perform a knife operation while holding down the mouse and dragging across an object. As you drag your pointer over the object vertexes are instantly created on the lines where you drag over and lines are made accordingly making a very easy knifing operation. Of course you dont have to hold down the mouse while performing the operation. With the tool selected you can just click on available vertexes and create new lines to them like connect the dots This might kind of do away with some of the knifing (or new vertex/lines) options you already have in AC3D but it would make everything so much easier!

> UV reset
This feature resets the UV of each selected surface to the maximum size fitting it entirely over the texture field. This is essentially like taking each individual (or selected) surface and remapping it to stretch across the entire texture. You can of course do this already in AC3D by selecting the surfaces one at a time in the editor and applying the remap operation via front, back, left, right, etc. However it would be soooo much easier and time saving if you could apply this operation on every selected surface all at once and not have to manually do it for each individual surface.

None Blender functions I'd like to see:

> Snap to Grid editing in Texture Coordinate Editor
This would be very handy for the positioning of selected surfaces, snaping them over the location on a texture map (or texture atlas as I've heard it called once). Maybe have an option to show the working grid and also have an area for the grid size variables on the side panel with a checkbox for grid snap on/off and show grid on/off.

> Object Rotation Data View (and export function)
In the Object Property window there needs to be a section beneath the x,y,z position section displaying the objects rotation direction information (pitch, yaw, roll or x, y, z). It would also be very nice if that data could be transferred when exporting to a certain file format. When importing an ac3d file into blender all objects have the rotation data of x:90 y:0 z:0 no matter how I try to rotate certain objects before saving and transferring them over to blender. I have to manually rotate them in Blender before exporting them to the file format that I want which can be a bit annoying.

> B3D Export?
We have the option to import B3D files into AC3D but not to export them? I think I remember the feature being there before but I might be having a Mandala Effect moment here. (Cue X-Files theme)

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