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Default Architecture *Lighting* ~HELP.




:arrow: okay, here is a kitchen, but as u can see it needs something special happening to catch the eye (make it look more "real").

:!: What I was thinking is cone shape lights under the cabinets, (four) on the one by the fridge and (two) on the one on the right (look carefuly and u'll see the little circles where the lights would go). This rendering actualy does have light under the cabinets but they dont show. Im not sure why.

:?: Q: What kind of lights should I put here (and what is the code for it).

this is the one I put, but did not work:
************************************************** **********
light_source {
  <10.3726, 4.9, -13.8613>           //Light position (note: hight of light is at 4.9)
  *0.2                               // light's brightness (*1 = bright)
  color rgb < 1 1 1 >                // light's color
  spotlight                          // this kind of light source
  cylinder                           // this variation
  point_at <10.3726, 3.5, -13.8613>  // direction of spotlight (note: counter top is at 3.5)
  radius 5                           // hotspot (inner, in degrees)(dont know how to use!)
  tightness 50                       // tightness of falloff (1...100) lower is softer, higher is tighter(dont know how to use!)
  falloff 8                          // intensity falloff radius(outer, in degrees)(dont know how to use!)
************************************************** **********

Any input would help Alot,
Thanks guys!!! :wink:
Q:What is my reality. A:A well lighted environment with awsome shading. That is my reality. !B-)
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