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Default Getting the exact matrix of each object


I want to use AC3D as a world editor; I have most of what I need, but I lack a way to place down a placeholder object (such as a box labelled "replace with shop") which I can then, when I load a file, replace with a model of a shop.

I've got this partially working with object positions. My boxes are the same size as the object they represent, and are in the same position as the object they represent. This works very well for position but not for rotation.

But I can't work out how to figure out the rotation of the object. I need to be able to rotate objects in arbitrary axis; for example, a street lamp which has fallen over, or objects which move around, such as dustbins on their side, and so on.

Is this something I can do using the ac3d sdk? I have an AC3D licence.
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