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Lightbulb A Few More Options For The 3D Screensaver

I like the AC3D 3D screensaver software a lot. I think is a simple but very functional 3D screensaver making software.

I think that it would be way better if it had a very few additional things like for example the optional ability to randomly shuffle among all the available 3D models every time it starts.

Along that line the also optional ability to change the 3D models sequentially until it goes to the last one in which case it would start to display the first one in the models directory. Of course this will also be by doing this change every time the screensaver started to run.

The ability to reset the 3D model rotation coordinates to zero again with the Ctrl + Spacebar keyboard keys combination as I stated in the bug report I filed in the AC3D Bugs and Problems section.

Those alone would make the screensaver way, way better. I'm creating several 3D models for this screensaver software (I have already completed quite a few) and it's a pity that those that create several models cannot see them so easily because the screensaver doesn't shuffle or change them automatically. So those first three suggestions that I'm giving are really the ones that I think count the most but I have a few other ideas and if anybody's is interested please read on.

Better yet also create in addition the option to change the models every specified amount of time so if you specified 1 minute for example every minute the screensaver would automatically change the model for another one either randomly or sequentially depending on the other choices that I already mentioned. This particular option could be used in combination with the other two so not only it would change the the 3D models at intervals but every time the screensaver started it started with a different random or sequential one too.

There are several other possibilities to make this screensaver software really great. Along the same line that I have mentioned already it could be the possibility to have the ability to create some sort of playlists so you could make the random or sequential functions perform them only through an optional group of programmed models (again like playlists) so if it changes the models randomly or sequentially it does so only through the playlist specified models and the user would be able to save and load several different playlists as they wish.

And another possibility that would make this little gem of software be really, really great would be to give it an ability that AC3D doesn't natively have which is to animate the model along a path created in AC3D. This could be done without having to modify AC3D at all cause this ability would be created in the screensaver software and not in AC3D itself. How? The simplest way I though would be by creating a mesh path in AC3D and saving it (as another AC3D model with the .ac extension). It could be a segments circle (without any faces at all, made of vertexes and connecting segments only) or a segments line or curve or whatever empty shape that the user wanted to create in 3D.

What the designer would have to do is to take that saved path and change the .ac extension to something of the choice of the AC3D people like let's say .pat and the user would have to give it exactly the same name of the 3D model they created. So if the user created something named 3Dstar1.ac the corresponding animation path would have to be named 3Dstar1.pat for example.

The screensaver software would recognize the second equally named path file as its animation path and load it and make the 3D model run along that path. If the path was a closed path it would make the 3D model circle continuously along the closed path or if the path was an open path it would make the 3D model go back and forth between the beginning and the end of the path.

If a user wanted a specific animation path from some particular model to be used for another model all that the user would have to do is to copy it and give it the other 3D models name.

Several options could be created together with this like the option of making the model move along the path following its direction (that would be good for airplanes or spaceships for example) or a different angle could be optionally specified in x, y and/or z coordinates. Other great possibilities would be to specify the amount of rotation in either of the 3 axes of the model and the speed of rotation of those 3 axes (it could be done with a single number for each of the 3 axes of rotation just like it is done for the current rotation of the 3D model along 2 different axes). To make it better the speed of translation along the path could be adjustable too.

There are many, many possibilities like the optional ability of rotating the whole thing (the models together with the animation path) by using the original rotation parameters so the model rotation (or its absence) while traveling along the path would be specified separately.

Even better yet would be the ability to save many of these parameters for every model that you create so every model could have a custom set of animation parameters that would be loaded every time a model is loaded. If no custom parameters were specified and saved for a model then the 3D model would use the default or general parameters that were specified for all models.

Imagine all the nifty things, all the cool screensavers that could be created if the software was able to do all this. It would make many 3D screensavers software programs out there really look like trash cause many of those already are pretty bad and this one at least already works.

It would be a terrific piece of 3D screensaver making software but at the very least it should be able to do the 3 things I stated at the beginning of this post, at the very least. As for the rest that is up to you guys, I am merely making suggestions and I know that it is not always possible to do all these things but we the users are always really wishing it was.
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Old 6th September 2015, 03:02 PM   #2
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Default Re: A Few More Options For The 3D Screensaver

I agree. This deserves to be upgraded.
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