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Default Animation Time static input window X-Plane

I use AC3D for X-Plane. The Animation Time window is great, but it is hard to get precise numbers on the sliders. So lets say I am building a Altimeter that goes from 0-100,000 feet, and I want to check where the needle is at 47,500 feet. With the sliders, I can't set that number, there are too many numbers in-between. The cheat is to add another animation 'rotation' with the same data ref, then I can enter 47,500 in one of the keyframe windows and hit 'go'.
An easier way would be if at the end of the slider, there was a window that the user could enter specific numbers to see how the animation reacts. It would need to be a big window, with lots of decimal spaces. It is not unusual to have to see a number like this; 0.003434

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