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Default Videos of my work

Hi I am new on the forum, this is my first post. I used the forum a lot to find what and how to do. Here are some results of my AC3D creations.
I also have 3D Canvas, both programs are very good and I enjoy creating in 3D, specially ships.
I don't like static things as much as dynamic, so no picture, but some video's I posted on my youtube channel.
I have been a ships engineer, and now do 3D shipbuilding.
There are many Rembrands in the AC3D community, I am more a picasso or Appel.
Here is 1
Here is its update
And this was my own ship
As you may notice, I am just a beginner, but I really like the result.
Is there b.t.w any importer for x files? I have been unable to find it. Thanks AC3D for a very afordable piece of professional software!

(have more problems writing English than useing AC3D)

If it does not work, I'll try again

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