The AC3D manual is included with AC3D - select menu Help->Manual from inside AC3D.

Older manuals in other languages

AC3D 6.0 manual in Spanish download (1mb html zipped)
AC3D 6.1 manual in German download (1.5mb PDF)

Using AC3D

Tutorial movies
Second Life
3D Printing
Google Earth
SuperColdMilk plugins and tutorials for developers


Download Free - Build your own screensaver with your own 3D designs. (Windows only)


  • AC3D is easily configured to render images with external ray tracers. Inivis recommends PovRay from
  • Renderman is the renderer used by Pixar. AC3D exports Renderman RIB files and Renderman is now available free for non-commercial use - see Renderman free

For developers

  • Description of the AC3D file format
  • AC3D file loader/viewer source code - C source code for an AC3D file loader/viewer. Requires Opengl and Glut. Windows exe, VC++ project files and unix makefile included.
  • If you have a simple file format that you want to visualize in AC3D, it's relatively easy to turn it into an AC3D file with a script. Scott Nelson wrote this unix shell-script to convert a file of 3D points (X, Y, Z) into an AC3D line/polyline
  • Andreas Paul wrote a small program that displays a triangle file (.tri) in OpenGL (or Mesa). You need to have glut installed to compile this - tri_view.tgz
  • Steve Baker wrote a program that parses an AC3D file and generates C++/OpenGL code that displays the file - see ac2gl.
  • Dennis Hawthorne's SuperColdMilk site is a great reference for developing with AC3D. Most of the AC3D plugins have the source code available. SuperColdMilk Archive
  • As an introduction to programming for AC3D, we recommend Dennis's AC3D plugin tutorials

Looking for more resources? Want to announce a new one? - see the tutorials and resources sections on the AC3D forum.