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Box conform for AC3D


Latest release
Download Windows version 1.0.1
NOTE: Source not yet available; it's a bit of a mess at the moment.



  • Prevents box conform from operating on zero width/height/depth geometry. Operating on such geometry creates invalid geometry due to the way the plugin operates.


Constrains the selected geometry to fit a box shape. Good for quickly creating cartoon-style geometry.


Copy the boxconform.tcl and boxconform.p files to your AC3D plugins folder (for example, if using Windows, C:\Program Files\AC3D\plugin) and (re)start AC3D.

You will find the "Box conform..." menu item under the "Tools" menu.


1. Create a box and deform it to your liking. It must be a regular box (6 sides, 8 vertices), and must not be concave. You will receive a message if these conditions are not met, so you really don't have to worry about it too much - just correct the box if you get an error.

2. Once the box is created, select it (or any part of it) and click the "Set box" button. This lets the plugin know what box you are using as your deform guide.

3. Select some geometry to be deformed, and click "Go" in the plugin window. The selected geometry will take on the shape of the box.

Optionally, checking the "Assume box's dimensions" checkbox will cause the selected geometry to be the same size as the box.


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