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Select Connected Surfaces for AC3D


Latest release (version 1.0)
Download Windows version 1.0
Download Linux (Gentoo) version 1.0*
Download source code

* NOTE: The Linux version was compiled and linked on a Gentoo x86 install. If this does not work for you, the source code has been proven to compile/link under Linux, so you may wish to download the source code and compile for your system.

This plugin and code are freely distributable. This plugin has not been tested on versions of AC3D prior to version 6.0.


Given a base selection of surfaces, selects all surfaces connected via edges. Sort of a "flood select" for surfaces.


Copy the selconn.p file to your AC3D plugins folder (for example, if using Windows, C:\Program Files\AC3D\plugin) and (re)start AC3D.

You will find the "Select connected surfaces" menu item under the "Tools" menu.


To use, select one or more surfaces then perform a Tools -> Select Connected Surfaces.


I've imported a Poser model for this example. The model was imported with no materials, and is fairly detailed. I want to be able to separate the main body from the eyeballs/eyelashes in this example. Without this plugin, this would be a painstaking session of selecting surfaces, cutting them away, hiding them, etc. until I had all of the surfaces separated as desired.

Of course, the plugin's usefulness is not limited to working with imported geometry, but this provides a good example.

Step 1: Select a surface

I've selected a surface on the character's face.

Step 2: Perform a Tools -> Select connected surfaces

All of the surfaces except the eyeballs/eyelashes (which are not connected to the main body) were selected here.

NOTE: On very large objects, you may see a significant slowdown due to the method of edge identification used in AC3D. The model in this example has nearly 30,000 polygons, and my machine took some time to gather the edges for this operation.

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