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Default Needing help with SL Sculpties Please

Good morning,

I have a The Sims / Milkshape background, so after a long time seeking for the best software with a familiar interface to do my sculpties for Second Life, I ran across AC3D, and I love it. I tried Wings, Maya, Blender, Zbrush, but I can understand AC3D better by looking at it and working with it.

Yet, I have read all the links and tutorials available on this and other sites (that includes videos) for the last 8 days, and still I seem absolutely unable to bring my sculpty to Second Life.

So I'd like to have some help -- to those who are willing to help me out, please, for the love of the sacred things, do not brush me off to other tutorials. Just explain to me, carefully as my English is rather limited (sorry in advance for the possible mistakes) and my understanding is just as impaired.

I tell you step by step what I did.

1 - I started with a normal cube. I drew the cube. I didn't import the one of SL plugin because that one has rounded shapes and I want them with sharp edges. (Because of the texturing and stitching in-game, I didn't want cylinder or sphere. Just cube.)

2 - I resized, and reshaped the part, then copied and pasted, and positioned where I wanted. I wanted to make a box. So I did top, bottom, left, right, and then the depth of the box. Five parts.

3 - It was perfect and beautiful, so I selected all and grouped them. On Milkshape for The Sims, it would have sufficed. Does it suffice in here, too, to make only one single object?

4 - I saved it. Came up with the UV Map thing, and didn't know what to choose, so I chose box.

5 - I tried the Texture Coordinate Editor. My AC3D crashed. I tried again,it crashed again. I have a decent graphic card, Radeon 9600. But I cussed at it anyway. So I skipped this part.

6 - I tried to export to SL. Loaded the sculpt map in game, made my sculpt prim and... It came out something so deformed I didn't know if I cried or laughed, so frustrated, while looking at my PERFECT box on the AC3D screen.

Any takers to help me out here will have my eternal gratitude!


Ps: I also tried to sharpen the edges of the rounded SL plugin cube, tried to flatten lines (I think I don't know how, yet..), tried holes, etc. It doesn't want to be just simply square. I like the other better, hehe.. Anyway, just a small detail perhaps you'd find relevant to know.

Thanks again.

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Default Re: Needing help with SL Sculpties Please

If you want to use the SL cube, try turning off subdivision.

The default AC3D cube doesn't have the right mapping, so it won't work with SL unless you completely re-map it.

As for the crashing, I don't know, but if you have an ATI card there seems to be a problem with the current Catalyst drivers. I'm running the older catalyst, and it works okay.
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